Fundraiser Instructions and Files

To create the fundraising account:
Step 1: Create them a customer account
Step 2: Send all the required documents to once we have received them we will turn the account to a fundraiser account
Step 3: Once step 2 is complete log into the account and it will ask you to create a store url.  This url is only good for up to 30 days from the date you create the store url

Order totals:
If the fundraiser account is logged in and the cart is $399 or less on the subtotal then they will only get 25% off.  If the cart subtotal is $400 or more they will get 40% off.  

Once the fundraiser is over then the commissions will be figured up and moved to the consultant's csc account.  
The consultant who is setting the fundraiser up will get 10% of the commissionable sales.(This does not include the shipping cost or sales tax)

For example, the fundraiser closes at $100 then the consultant working the fundraiser would get 10% of the total $100*.10=$10

Click Here for Front Page fundraiser flier
Click Here for Back Fundraiser Flier
Click Here for 5195 Labels for order CSC
Click Here for Booster Letter CSC
Click Here for CONGRATULATIONS To Organization Fundraiser Guide
Click Here for The Ultimate Guide to Fundraisers
Click Here for Labels for fundraiser tool folders
Click Here for CSC Fundraiser Contract Form
Click Here for Fundraiser Contact labels CSC
Click Here for Fundraiser Start Date End Date Checks payable to 8160 labels
Click Here for Kathys CSC Bag Attachment for FR
Click Here for Scripts for Contacting an Organization